KRadio - The Linux and KDE AM/FM/Internet Radio Application

KRadio - The Linux and KDE AM/FM/Internet Radio Application

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KRadio is a comfortable KDE Frameworks 5/KDE4/Linux internet and AM/FM radio application. The initial release was written for KDE2 by Frank Schwanz. In Jan. 2002 I took over the project to add "some" new features. In the meantime, kradio "survived" a complete modular rewrite in order to support a comfortable plugin concept and the porting to KDE3 and now KDE4. KRadio is now hopefully one of the most comfortable and feature-rich Linux radio applications.

current release: 5.0.0-beta1, status: beta (ChangeLog)

Dear KRadio Community!

KRadio 5.0.0-beta1 is an initial port to KDE Frameworks 5. Some features might not yet work as for KDE4. Please note that the configuration file and the station preset file will now be in the standard KDE frameworks directories, e.g. ~/.config/kradio5rc and ~/.local/share/kradio5/stations.krp . You might want to copy/rename your kradio4 config files to the new locations. In this case, please remove the paths to the plugin libraries from the kradio5rc file or update the paths to the new kradio5 plugin .so files.

Please give it a try and report bugs or even success!

Current Translation Status (git, master, head):
   Language       Strings       Translated Strings       Fuzzy Strings       Untranslated   
cs856856 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
de858858 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
es858471 (54%)185 (21%)202 (23%)
is858403 (46%)212 (24%)243 (28%)
it858858 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
pl85830 (3%)47 (5%)781 (91%)
pt858295 (34%)205 (23%)358 (41%)
pt_BR858478 (55%)286 (33%)94 (10%)
ru858858 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
sk858429 (50%)173 (20%)256 (29%)
sr@latin858603 (70%)243 (28%)12 (1%)
tr858273 (31%)101 (11%)484 (56%)
uk858858 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)

Additionally, a FAQ is available on which hopefully already answers many questions. If you have new ones, please let me know.

Anyway, there is still a lot work to do on KRadio. There are still a lot of preset files in my email in-box which have not yet been processed due to the development downtime in the past.

Your help is highly appreciated! It would be an honor to welcome you as developer, translator, or contributor in any other sense! Here are some ideas:

  • translations
  • packaging
  • documentation
  • GUI enhancements (e.g. SVG icons!)
  • build system improvements
  • testing and bug reporting
  • new plugins
  • sponsoring of radio cards for feature testing
  • ... what ever you want to contribute!

Current Features:

  • KDE Frameworks 5 Support
  • Internet Radio Support
  • MPRIS Support
  • PulseAudio Support (indirect via ALSA)
  • DBus Support
  • RDS Support
  • Shortucts Support
  • Per-Station Stereo/Mono forcing switch Seems that some radio cards/drivers are ignoring this setting
  • Pre-Recording - no longer worry about starting recording too late: The last <to-be-configured> seconds before the decision are captured, too.
  • Improved Timeshift playing - just press pause when you get interrupted
  • Active Playback: For cards that don't use the line-in loop the sound can be captured from a special device and played back on the sound card
  • ALSA Plugin
  • support for V4L and V4L2 based radio card drivers, including PVR cards (/dev/video24)
  • MP3 and Ogg/Vorbis recording (libmp3lame and libogg/libvorbis required)
  • database with station preset files, station search
  • lirc support
  • alarms (weekday specific if you wish), stations and volume may be assigned, types: start/stop play, start/stop recording
  • sleep countdown functions
  • docking menu, includes menu entries for preferred stations
  • quickbar, toolbar with buttons for preferred stations
  • icons for stations in quickbar, display, etc.
  • error logging window instead of nerving messageboxes:)
  • dynamic plugin library architecture, kradio is ready for new radio types (e.g. internet radio), your own radio display, etc.

Planned features for future:
  • Icecast plugin
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